January 11, 2021

Mahaparayan Group

Mahaparayan Group

I am just a mere instrument, walking on the path that Baba is showing me. The doer ship and credit of bringing all the devotees together and spreading his stories and leela’s is Baba himself.

Mahaparayan is a global platform that our dear lord Baba has chosen for his devotees, to not only serve him but also show devotees guidance. The experience not only enhances one’s own inner self but also through reading, Baba heals us, embraces us and leads us on the spiritual journey of life. I started my journey as a devotee reading two chapters every week on Thursday and ever since Baba has been the guiding force of my life.

Devotee perceive that baba has given messages or timely guidance through Sai Satcharitra and this indeed is an affirmative. Many devotees read this book for years and keep praying to baba with hope that baba will answer his/her prayers and whatever their current state is it will improve. However, devotees end up living in state of hope rather than state of faith. We all as devotee’s need to understand that everything we go through is bestowed up on us due to our own deeds say be it this life or prior lives.

Baba can give us the strength to confront and walk in this journey of life, but he cannot walk on our behalf. Journey is ours and we alone shall accomplish it with the grace of god. Many devotees join Mahaparayan to clear their existing issues and often during the process devotees could be challenged even further. Kindly request devotees to acknowledge that every challenge is a test and all our lord wants you to do is, keep walking but not give up. Holding the book is your weapon that will empower you to conquer this world with attachment and misery. Say be it health, finances, education, job or relationships; please note whatever issues or problems given to you are an opportunity for you to clear your karma and move forward. Don’t take them as setbacks but count them as your blessings. When you see everything that comes on your way as a blessing than you eliminate the line of separation and merge in his pure consciousness …

Shri Sai Satcharitra is a book crafted by Shirdi Sai Baba in which every word exhorts profound deep meaning that when applied to one’s own life, enriches the very core existence of human birth. The ink flowing from the pen is the pure nectar that is coming from the divine lord baba himself which took different shapes as letters and words in the Satcharitra book. When a devotee realises that Satcharitra is not just a book but a lifetime companion, they start carrying it everywhere they go, and loneliness cannot be felt or exist in their lives. Each time you open Satcharitra, there is some message that will relate to answers you are looking for.

Baba spoke very elaborately about the significance of this book, when he was approached seeking permission to write this book. He says that when a devotee reads Shri Sai Satcharitra leaving attachment to body, mind and eliminating ego, they will reach the divine abode. The power of this book cannot be spoken or written but must be felt and that will only happen when baba himself blesses and plans for it to happen. Baba is the controller…Baba is the doer…. Baba is the very existence…. Let him plan…You don’t plan is the gest of this book. Submit yourself to him and when you hold the Satcharitra, it will heal you, comfort you and embrace you with his divine love.

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