Shirdi Trips

The bliss a devotee receives in stepping their foot on the soil of Shirdi cannot be explained in few words. It is an experience of a lifetime with Baba being the guiding light and his grace engulfed all around. Baba might have left his mortal coil in early 19th century but devotees can still experience his divine presence even today. Baba was and is the driving force who is pulling millions of his children to his fold to shower his blessings.

Baba’ words are –

“None can step on the soil of Shirdi nor can they decide to leave unless he permits”

Devotees who carry unwavering love for Baba keep experiencing his words at every foot step and walk of their life. Visit to Shirdi is like visit to your own home where you have the universal lord fathering you and caring for your very well being.

Every year with Baba blessing and guidance, I Ravinder Bhamber have been visiting Shirdi and each year devotees who travel with me, experience the bliss of not only divine consciousness and healing but also come up with answers for questions which they had answers impending for years.

These trips are very special as they are catered for the devotees individual needs rather than going in group visit. When we think about our journey of experiences, we all are unique and carry our own set of karma from many past life’s. Shirdi is a renowned for healing many individuals from physical and mental maladies.

A question might come to many as to what actually constitutes in a one to one trip?

The trips are very much guided by Baba who actually guides Ravinder of which places to visit and what prayers to be conducted. Trips are scheduled with clear planning to visit all places where Shirdi Sai Baba lived and visited. There are diverse range of activities which take place during the one to one trips such as

Shirdi trips are specially catered to individuals to help them clear their past karma by using various tools such reikhi, prayers and guidance from Baba.

20th June 2021 Shirdi trip – Our next trip is planned in June this year. Devotees interested to visit Shirdi contact Ravinder Bhamber through her Facebook page or text message +44 7929037171