Prayers Group

Shirdi Sai Baba – The Divine Healer

True prayer is a spiritual tool to reach the abode of Baba to seek his blessings and heal us from the endless miseries that we entangled ourselves from many previous births. Often one understands that it is their own deeds and actions, that are thrown back to them as a consequence but however looking back we cannot tally our karmic account.

“Who knows our karmic account end to end if we ask oneself? Than answer is Baba…. “

This prayers group is a divine opportunity for devotees and is guided by Baba himself. Devotees who are in any unexpected situations or at cross roads of life and are seeking for a ray of light, might have a door of hope which they can open by dropping a message request for conducting prayers or healing for a specific task and save them from a current difficult situation. Example of areas one can seek support are as below:

Prayers are very powerful and they can change your destiny. Baba has the power and he is the inner ruler of the universe who can change anyone’s future at any one moment. Our plans may have flaws but Baba’s plans are perfect. All Baba asks from his devotee’s is unwavering faith and patience.

Contact Ravinder Bhamber through text message +44 7929037171 for prayer requests. She is Baba’s devotee who is working towards serving other fellow humans from enduring and overcoming difficulties.