Miracle Stories

Each of my client is unique. In their journey, each one has had different issues. 

Read more about their experiences and how a step by step approach has helped them overcome their problems.





Mrs. Jai

My brother who is based abroad was not successful in securing a job for a long time. My family was very sad and were praying fervently to Baba to help him. I was not able to see my family members sad and dejected. 

This was back in November 2020. I thought of Ravi ji and requested her to help me. She said she will check with Baba on the coming Thursday. On Thursday morning Ravi ji messaged me and suggested Annadaan and also said if my mum could prepare sweet every Thursday and feed people living around the house it would be beneficial. I conveyed the message to mum and she has been religiously following the same. Also we decided to send donation for Annadaan to Shirdi every month via Shirdi Sai Sansthan online services.

After 4 months of following Ravi ji’s advice and sincere prayers to Baba I am so happy to say that my brother has got a permanent job. 

I am so thankful to Ravi ji for her timely advice and help. Above all, I am grateful to Baba for taking me in his fold and introducing me to Mahaparayan. 

Om Sai Ram Sri Satchitanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai

Rani M

Some untold problem kept disturbing me for the past ten days. I was completely shattered and on the verge of ending my life. I always refer Sai Sat Charitra verses in my day to day life. When I read Sat Charitra, something was disturbing me about the the print/letters disappearing. I messaged Ravinder ji. I didn’t say much to her about what I am going through. She instantly asked me about my old Sai Sat Charitra and how old it was. She guided me to get new Sai Sat Charitra and to throw the old Sai Sat Charitra into a water body to remove my karma. I followed her guidance. Slowly I am seeing some grip to live my life. Om Sai Ram. I have surrendered my life at the lotus feet of Sai Baba.

Mrs Divya

Om Sai Ram!

By Baba blessings 2 years ago, I walked ahead in life to take the step of undergoing healing to help myself to progress in life. I was in a difficult relationship with my husband, who used to drink and used abusive language while talking to me. This not only brought me down to the cross roads if I should continue the marriage but also was constantly hindering my child’s development. My son was not only picking all the shouting and arguments, but was playing up with his progression.

I visited Sai 9 Healing in 2018 November. When I visited, I was lost and lived in constant anguish, hatred and experienced failure every second as if it was coming any time. Healing was the best decision, I took in my life as that changed my perspective to my own very self. I started seeing that what I always perceived to be my husband’s fault, was not just his fault but also my own. I had developed so many inner vices which, I was unwilling to accept and bring shifts. I realised that there was a lot to change within me. My situation was so complex that Ravi had to work extremely hard to break my inner patterns. Her relentless efforts to bring change within me was commendable and still continued healing process with constant hope to change further.

I always dreaded my husband being at home in the last 10 years. Ravi kept assuring me that life will get better but I was restless many a times. However by baba grace and her constant prayers, my life finally takes a beautiful turn where my husband seems to be changing for good. I see, he no longer talks abusively anymore and his habits are reduced as well. He is more responsible and is taking more interest in what is happening at home. It was like the impossible and it however happened, which was possible through healing and BABA’s Blessings. God tests! , but he knows when and how to take care of his devotees. Healing is a wonderful process where one gets an opportunity to clear past patterns which are sub-consciously induced deep within. I always heard Ravi saying Baba can take away 50% of your karma and pain, but also it is down to your own will to bring yourself out of the situation. Healing makes you realise that world is temporary and God is the truth and constant driving force.

Everything happens only if the grace of God exists. No matter how much one might want to bring the changes, the changes within can only manifest when God is willing. Healing is a process which enhances your ability to handle life and to get a healer who one can trust is a blessing in disguise. In my case it was Baba’s gift for a lifetime. Each time I talk to my husband, I feel gratitude to god for everything. Healing is the best and the most finest approach to life when it is accompanied by counselling as it empowers you to understand your inner self better by every growing day. Today my husband is getting better by every day and he not only is responsible but is thriving to prove himself in life. This is not only making us as a family strong but also acting towards our collective wellbeing.

Ravi once said to me when one person in a family gets healing, the entire family has shifts. There is a direct healing which takes place on one end and this brings inner shifts within the person who is undergoing the process which in turn starts changing the other members of the family. We all are mirrors who reflect and attract each other at home. If one feels positive, that positivity will start seeping through the rest of the members of our home. Healing is a process which is to bring collective consciousness to many souls within the world.

Grateful to GOD who planned my life as his planning is PERFECT!!!

Grateful to RAVI for accompanying me in the journey of LIFE!!!


Dr M.S

Ravinder ji is truly blessed and has never failed to amaze me. During one of our sessions, I felt this strange burning sensation in my left lower leg which resolved as the guided healing ended. I then remembered I had swollen legs and feet due to excessive walking and standing that week and I had not mentioned that to her- but it was truly magical how that healed within minutes into the session. I have had some wonderful experiences related to Baba because of her guidance and have heard so many wonderful stories from people about her and can easily say that I can relate. She is truly blessed and I am glad to have received her support and guidance through some difficult times and advice for life ahead. My immense gratitude and best wishes always.

Mrs. Singh

‘Baba’ the very sound resonates in many of us. We pray to him, tell him our worries, our wishes and make him our divine core. One of the promises of Baba to his devotees:

‘Wherever you are , whatever you do , it never misses my sight.’

On last Friday, 7th August, I was visiting an Indian shopping place for groceries which is far from my place. Since COVID, I planned to shop and stock groceries for few months so that I do not need to go back outside again and again into the crowds. I visited Ravi ji’s home to have my healing session. She was kind enough, for the last 4 months Ravi ji did not meet any clients as she has old parents at home, as Baba guided her, she asked me to come home.

God’s plans are always perfect. When I was leaving she did suggest that I have loads of shopping and it is advisable to go by taxi. As my home was too far and taxi would be expensive, I said that it was ok and I could manage and left her home. When I was leaving she gave me a cover in which there were two old Sai Satcharitras and Baba’s statue. She asked me to immerse them in the river near my home.

I was chanting Baba’s name and it was a very hot day. The shopped items were too heavy. I managed and changed trains. When I got down the tube and was getting on the escalator, in a blink of eye my foot slipped. At that point, I had at least 50 kg weight of grocery bags with me. Two people held me and everybody wondered how I did not fall but was saved by them, but I felt Baba saved me. It would have been a fatal accident.

I was thinking all the way how did I even not get hurt and nothing happened. As I was thinking, reached home and dropped all the stuff. I took the packet which Ravi ji gave me to immerse in the river as it is outside our home.

As I stared putting the items in the river, I noticed that the statue was broken into half. I heard a loud voice from the sky. It said:

” To protect my devotees, I shall take the wounds and pain. I will never forsake you”

The statue was meant by fate to be immersed in the river, but what can I say. Baba’s statue, his pictures are full of his gracious form. Even before flowing through, he served the purpose of saving me. His love is immeasurable and he is watching everything and can do anything for his loved ones which is us devotees.

Sapna Bhandari

I came to Ravi in May 2020 during a very low phase in my life. I was suffering from a health condition which no doctor or dentist could diagnose.  The pain was unbearable and I was not functioning on a daily basis due to high medication doses.  I also lost my job during Covid 19.

Ravi was a true blessing who always listened and made me feel so much better.  She always assured me things would get better step by step and to trust babas plan.

As sessions progressed my life started changing and today my pain is going, I have a new job opportunity and things are so much more happier and positive in life.

I cannot thank you enough Ravi for you love encouragement and positivity and whoever comes to you will never look back.  You are an Angel from baba and may you continue to bless many more lives.


I had reached out to Ravi di in a very desperate condition in 2018 and went through a year’s healing with her on several issues. At one point she told me to volunteer with an organisation dedicated to Baba and I had really tried but couldn’t get any role. Two years down the line, I am volunteering with another group dedicated to Baba. I really want to thank her and believe that her sessions are guided by Baba Himself. Om Sai Ram.

Dr M.S

I connected with Ravinder ji via the Mahaparayan group initially and happened to see her website and messaged her. I had been struggling to pass an exam and had subsequent two exams to clear within a matter of 2 weeks. The fear of failure and uncertainty was making me anxious as passing this would mean a big achievement in my life.

In our first meeting and session itself she had a strong connect and without a doubt re-assured me that I will pass, talked me through the process to clear my blocks and fears and gave me remote healing.

I cannot express how easily my revision and submissions went after that and my surrounding energy was filled with so much positivity.

Very happy to share that with baba’s blessings and her re-assurance, motivation and healing, I successfully passed both my exams!!

My immense gratitude to Ravinder ji for being such an important part in my journey to achieve this on time after so many setbacks!!

She has a strong connect with Baba and is truly blessed and a gifted healer!

Thank you so much


My dad passed away and I was waiting for a dream or a message to know he is at peace. 5 weeks went by, and I could hardly sleep. Felt unsettled. Spoke to Ravinder and her words are always so comforting and pure. I went to sleep that evening and my dad came into my dream. He was at the temple and gave me the comfort and reassurance I needed. Thank you Rav for your continued love guidance with baba blessing.

Mrs Singha

Having been a baba devotee for the past 18 years and the first place, where I would lay down all my problems and anxieties was at Baba feet. Life was not normal; I was going through lot of pain both mentally and was feeling physically exhausted day by day. None of my relationships were working, be it with my husband, son, parents or sister. I lived with self-doubt if everything about me was wrong. All day I lived with my husband constantly talking to me a manner which is beyond words and son totally not developing. There was a constant feeling that was haunting me about my own past that I am responsible for the entire situation.

A very close friend of mine suggested the route of having healing could be beneficial. Especially by than I carried a stigma, that I could not go through proper counselling route, as none at home will give me the support for going ahead. At that very point, I was going through every possible crisis both financial, emotional and was decease ridden with fears, as to what will come next.

More than anything my son was getting into a bad state. At home, I had a husband who would not allow me to say anything to our son. I believe he was so lost that; he held my sons’ hand in the same direction. Son would not study but just sleep, eat and play video games. I felt life out of control and started giving up. I had severe stress and behaved very negative towards everyone and everything. Gradually the God form Saibaba, that I pray was also not connecting to me. Felt like breaking marriage, breaking all ties.

In November 2018, finally went to Sai9 Healing center. Initially I was very skeptical, as I felt from experience that there are many people in the world, who will tell god’s name and take money, will give assurances that life will get better and still nothing happens. My mom got many pujas done; my life never changed. Also, always the thought of paying an hourly rate with no money in the bank was very hard. My first thoughts were healing will burn every suffering in 10 sessions and once my past karma is done, my life will be better. Each session I will be thinking only few more left to pay. There were also sessions, where I will plan before hand and want to cover all these topics and use my intelligence to think that it will finish soon if I cover all the areas. I go into session and the healer (Ravinder Bamber) will be talking all general topics. I am seeing time and money at that point.

It took me 3 months to first learn to sit in the healing session. The healer tried everything she could to first understand me and stop me from controlling the sessions. She felt that even before I undergo healing, I must first stop being manipulative and let it flow through rather than over exercising, planning of what the outcome is. She decided to first start life coaching with simultaneous healing happening during the session. Over period, I realized that if you think that healer will burn your karma and fix everything, then that is not the case. A Healer will take you out of the current path which you are yourself creating and put you on an ideal path, but walking will have to be done by you not the healer. A healer will educate you as to what divine will is and what human will can do. The process will energize your inner self to stand up and confront life instead of blaming others or god or past karma for it. If there is a process that can wash out all karma, then this world and era would have straight away run for it. This can only happen when you are ready for it and god is willing for it to happen.

Gradually I started to feel a shift within me. The shift was as, I was venting out my true self and my past experiences in the session, I noticed that they are gradually leaving my system. The experience that I underwent in this life was still sitting in my memory strong rock solid. Even if it was as a child, if I felt compromised, that was a foundation for my today. Every human experience that we undergo is so important, as what we put our self is what we are. What I felt as my system later, I realized that it was sub-conscious mind. It is powerful than what one can imagine. It is the very cause as to what you are manifesting in your mind. When you are thinking, when you are talking, it all feels normal but once you get aware of the power of sub-conscious mind, that is when you start being conscious of your inner self. I started to connect to the healing process and the power of what exactly it is doing to me. Life coaching has allowed me to introspect on my own self, not just what I present to others but showed the mirror of my inner self. Gradually over a year, I myself can see what I could have done better, where to let go. Healing enabled me to understand that no matter what you do, you cannot change the situation you are placed in, but it cleanses your sub-conscious mind and in turn give you power to handle the situation.

When healing happens to a member of family, it has an impact on the entire family in one way or the other. My husband was terribly ill for few months, during that phase there was not a second that I was broken at heart. If before healing I was placed in that situation, I would be sobbing, crying, counting on the miseries and fill myself with self-doubt. I was not up to mark with my thinking and had fears but gradually the situation was handled much in control due to the way I evolved over the period of healing. Don’t expect miracles to happen but keep walking. Being as humans I guess; we all want life to be give us everything easily but what we sow we have to reap.” ACCEPT IT “that is what healing is about. It engrains that message into you and endorses that instead of conquering others, conquer your own self.

Today there are many changes in my life, I keep focus on silencing my mind. I understand the power within rather than seeking externally. Still lot to improve, lot to evolve but it is a journey that just started. Today I no longer think of running away from pain but face it with courage. Husband health improved and son is doing much better and I can make effort to keep persuading the level of acceptance. I suffered from many diseases such as anger, hatred, vengeance, fear, jealousy, self -doubt, but today I am more aware than ever of every thought that passes through my mind and have the power raise my awareness to raise over and above that thought. Still have my moments where I make few make wrong judgements and false calls but at least, I accept that the world is not perfect.

Mrs kapoor

Few weeks ago, I was very badly sick. It felt as if the ground under my feet is being taken away. High temperature, severe pain in the finger with swelling, poor cough and cold. My body stopped co-operating with me. As it was the day of my healing, I just made effort to go to the healing center. I was getting hot; my breathing was hard and was feeling suffocated. As the healer asked me lie down, I rested. While I was resting for 10 min, she did healing. It is unbelievable to see how in few minutes my body which was running down a temperature of 105 degree was sweating. Felt energetic and my voice came. It was surprise as all I could feel is as if a thread was pulled out of me and I got fine and better. Again, the grace of God I guess which gives these healers the tools to do what they are doing.


My name is Nisha and I am from Bangalore, India. I reached out to Ravi Di, early this year, in times of great distress. My mother was very unwell and I found her contact online. Ravi Di responded immediately and our connection started from there. I have had about 10 healing sessions with Ravi Di and what i like most, is her poise. She knows exactly what the issue is and how it has to be dealt with in a step by step manner. She has a great connect with Baba and is completely in sync with him. You have to experience a session with her to understand this concept better. I definitely recommend her healing sessions and I feel I have made a friend for life.


I’m thankful to you for bringing me back to life I had met with an accident and was operated and was not able to move your prayers bring me back to the life thank you Ravi Bhamber you are a genius person thank you so much.

M Singh

Ravinder has helped me at a crucial period in my life where I faced bottlenecks such as academic progress. She instilled belief in me when I had all but given up and helped me pass an exam after multiple attempts. Her unique style and honesty set her aside from most and you can’t help but heed her advice as her belief in you are amazing. This was amongst many issues she has helped me to overcome and I can’t thank her enough. I have no doubt that many others will benefit from her knowledge and faith as I have.

M Singh

Sai 9 healing gave me perspective and direction in my life at a time when I needed It most. Ravinder is direct in her approach but that’s exactly what I What I needed and I wouldn’t ask her to change. I have been able to Discuss things candidly and as a result, find the root cause(s) of Certain issues that I couldn’t otherwise make sense of. I was initially skeptical about the whole healing process but if anything, I believed in keeping an open mind and giving this a chance. I find I’m now calmer, less impulsive (most times) and tend to plan my life Better. In summary, I’m glad I met Ravinder and she has coached me Through a difficult period and in particular, with regards my career this went somewhat off track last year. I’m now waiting to begin a New chapter with renewed optimism.


I found Ravi to be extremely helpful and approachable with any Questions asked. She has time and empathy and uses her knowledge well For guidance. I would recommend her as a source of positive application To your life path.


I feel incredibly blessed to have had sessions with Rav. She has Helped me to change my life positively. She has guided me and together We have meditated and visualized the positive changes I wanted in my Life. She believed in my dream and gave me the strength to focus on It whole heartedly. It is amazing how Rav’s advice is always right. Her strong belief system of Sai baba allowed me to believe in myself And my visualization turned into reality. Thank you so much for your
Support Rav. It has been an incredible journey and I feel like a Different person.


I’ve been seeing Ravinder since February this year and due to distance I’ve had some sessions in person and some over the phone. Ravinder is very direct with her counselling advice at times she can be tough but I know it’s for my own good. I have had my ups and down during the treatments but with Ravinder spiritual guidance and advice I am overcoming my fears and dealing with life’s challenges positively. Ravinder has given me reiki treatment which has left me feeling rejuvenated. At my last session after my reiki i was able to put my coat on without pain i was amazed. I leave the sessions feeling relaxed. The messages Ravinder receives through her spirit guides always amaze me and the meditation she talks me through leaves me feeling stress free. Ravinder truly has a special gift and I would recommend her to anyone with any kind of personal problem.

Miss Kaur

I had back/neck pains for over a year. I went for chiropractor sessions however nothing seemed to work. I also wanted to start my next stage in life and meet my potential partner however i had no luck in the last 10 years of meeting anyone. I started sessions with Ravinder in May and I was speechless with how much she had picked up from my energy. Everything she said resonated with how I felt at the time. She helped restore faith in a completely differently way then I have ever experienced before. After 3 sessions, my neck/back pain started to ease I realized my energy was stuck in parts of my body that was causing the pain. Every session Ravinder made sure there was a clear structure on how we are going to proceed and what will be next. She knew right from the beginning I will meet my potential partner however at the time i honestly couldn’t even imagine that happening. After 4 months attending sessions with Ravinder, I met a guy who I can honestly say is a dream come true. He exceeds beyond my expectation in what I was looking for.
Thank you so much for all the support and guidance you have given me over the past 8 months. I have dealt with my past which has put my back and neck pain at ease and I have met my partner. I would highly recommended Sai 9 to anyone who needs support and guidance to achieve their goals. Attending sessions with Ravinder has been the best investment in myself.
I am beyond grateful, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Rebecca Thompson

Sai 9 healing helped me look at my life in a different light. I was always very negative and never had a positive thing to say about my life, and didn’t have a relationship because I thought that there was no one out there for me. A friend recommended Sai 9 healing, at first i was sceptical and did not believe in healing etc., but i needed to turn my life around. I was glad i went i was asked questions that no one has ever asked me and was coached through my thoughts and negative feelings. I was given homework and this was discussed in my sessions, after my first session I felt different and light like a load had been lifted. As i went further with my sessions I found my outlook on life changed, and people seemed to be happier around me. One day i was standing in a restaurant waiting to be seated and i dropped my lipstick out my bag and a gentleman picked it up and handed it to me. While I had dinner with a friend, the gentleman was leaving and as he left he handed his number to me. I was delighted but again not sure, I told Ravi what happened and she encouraged me to contact him, and I did and we met had dinner and 2 years on I am now marrying him. Sai 9 Healing really helped me in changing my outlook in life and supported me throughout my treatment. Excellent service and made my life meaningful again.

Stephanie Taylor

I started seeing Ravi nearly 3 years ago. During this time I have seen a lot of changes in my life, specifically from a work perspective and family also. She is an incredible positive influence in my life and I have grown in ways that I did not think was possible. It hasn’t been easy but up until now she has always been right and the guidance she receives from Sai Baba of Shirdi has always been correct.

Gary Thomas

Sai9 Healing and its healer, Ravi Bhamber, have changed my life completely. I was at difficult place in my life and need some direction and to feel optimistic in my life again. Ravi Bhamber’s mission is to make a Better version of you and this is exactly what she achieved with Me. She takes the time to listen to every problem you have, help and guide you through this. Ravi knows exactly what she is doing, you instantly feel comfortable with her and can trust her. I am now in a place where I can feel good and happy about myself, I would have not made it here without her help. She takes every factor in your life and turns it to a positive, I am now a believer. Honestly the best Decision I made in my life was coming to Sai9 healing, I would highly recommend it.


Thank you Ravinder Bhamber for the sessions.
My back hasn’t felt this good in years ….. No amount of medication, exercise or therapy has helped. The pain hasn’t completely gone yet, but it feels so much better. I’m amazed at the astounding powers of reiki and your kind self. I have always believed in super natural abilities and energies in this world. This has made it easier for me to “allow” the healing to happen, which, in my opinion, is imperative for reiki to work. I am eagerly awaiting our next session.


I am delighted to recommend Ravi Bhamber as a healer and spiritual medium. I have used her services several times and I have been really happy each time. She has so far been a real source of strength to me. Following the teachings of Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi, Ravi has always provided timely advice and guidance that has so far helped me in several situations. I cannot recommend her services enough. I hope that she will grow from strength to strength. I have no doubt that she will continue to be the wonderful person she is while doing so. I wish her all the very, very best.

Emma Clayton

I went to Sai 9 healing about 5 years ago as i was suffering from low confidence and didn’t feel like I achieved anything in my life. At first I was sceptical about the healing process, but once I got there I was made to feel comfortable and also felt like I could talk about anything.

I spoke about my problems and difficulties I was having getting a job and how I felt about myself when I looked in the mirror. I was asked to write little chapters about my life the highs and low and then asked to write about what I would like to be. Sai 9 showed me different ways to see the world and how to look at myself too. It was only small activities I was asked to do but these small things made me see life differently.

All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH Sai 9 for all the support and guidance you have given me over the years. I now can say I love myself and I also have my dream job and a lovely kind partner in my life. I have recommended Sai 9 to all my friends and family because they can’t believe the changes in me.


I started seeing Ravi 2 years ago for issues related to stress at work and coming out of a very draining relationship. I came back to see her again as she had helped me so much, not only to handle stress better but also to look at my life in a much more positive light. She has always been so accurate in everything she picks up on and   even told me that I would meet someone new, whom I did and even the characteristics of the man were correct. It hasn’t been easy but I’m learning more and more through my sessions with her about myself and what I need to work on. We really have an effect on our own lives by our thoughts, feelings etc. I highly recommend her.

Mrs Kaur

I have been speaking to Ravinder for over a year now and have just managed to see her in person in January of this year.  As soon as I entered Ravinder’s healing centre I felt a sense of calmness and felt was in the right place to be healed.  Ravinder started the session off with a prayer and then through her spiritual guidance she started my treatment.  I was amazed at the questions she was asking me they just seemed very relevant to my situation. Ravinder finished the session with some hands on healing, the energy and healing from her hands was very strong and I felt very relaxed at the end of the session.  I highly recommend Ravinder, she is a very blessed lady who has a very special gift.

Raj K

I found Ravi’s guidance and support of great benefit during tough and doubtful periods. Reaffirms ones faith and helps humbly when asked to.


I have been going to Sai9 for over 3 years and at first with all new things I was sceptical about the healing stuff, but I was going through a though time and needed some kind of help . Once I was there Ravi made me comfortable and at home and did not force me to talk about anything I didn’t want to talk about. Once I finished talking Ravi told me things about me and was asked to write a diary about my thoughts and feelings over the last few years (family, relationships and work).

Once I started writing I couldn’t put my pen down and even cried at times while writing. The second session I had was great we talked about everything and I felt like a weight had been lifted. Ravi told me a few things to do and say to myself when I was having horrible days. Eventually Ravi gave me a healing crystal and told me to hold it if I lost focus or needed a direction and found that it really helped me to focus. My life seemed to be going on track and the healing really helped.

Three years on I feel content and happy with my life and don’t get me wrong I have my bad days but it’s so easy for me to think of the positives in my life rather than the negatives. I am very grateful to Ravi and the amount of effort and time she put into me and would be happy to recommend her to family and friends. I have seen a massive difference in my life and feel more confident than ever before. Thank you for your help and support.


Ravi is a gifted soul who will listen to all your problems and give a solution, remedy and even warn you of any unforeseen circumstances which she visualises in her subconscious mind. I was having problems in my personal life and been referred by friends to meet her to get a solution to my problems .The minute i entered Ravi’s office, I felt a gust of positive energy combined with peace and tranquillity. Ravi’s words mesmerised me and I could share all my personal problems with her and felt that I was sharing it with someone very dear to me. I took Ravi’s expert advice and saw changes in my life happening and getting better time after time. Thank you for being the ray of light for me Ravi .Jai Sai Ram


I have known Ravi for over 4 years and found that she is gifted with a spiritual power by the Grace of Sai Baba. I had gone through many difficulties in my life and had no one to turn to for expert help and advice. By meeting Ravi and attending her healing sessions, my life became revitalised with positive thoughts and I had developed the confidence to live a happy life.

Thank you Ravi for turning my life around.


Ravinder has been blessed with a very special gift. She has guided me through my troubled times and from my experience with her I have full faith in her spiritual guidance. She listens with full sincerity and always has time for you even when she is rushed off her feet. She has prayed for me when needed and through these prayers she has guided me. Ravinder is a very special lady and I highly recommend her as you will definitely not be disappointed. In my eyes she is my guardian angel.

Raj Kumur


This is to convey the whole world about my unbelievable, enchanting experience on power of Shirdi Saibaba and his discipline Ravi.

I am from India and employed in Saudi Arabia. it is true that everyone’s life is having problems and one have to tackle the glitches by oneself , but there are many incidents that we feel that we are been deserted and have no help or any other go to get ride off the problems around .

Few days back I have come across an allegation that I have cheated the company, in fact I was innocent and the customer have not turned up after the contract .
Here in KSA things are very stringent and strict and even you may be behind the bars, I was not having any help from others to solve this issue, I checked all the possibilities to solve the issue. Many sleepless nights, I was totally upset to known as a thief,

I happened to share this with Ravi, She has told me to keep pray to Shirdi Saibaba, and asked me to look at the photos of Baba and she said to me that she is going to pray for me at the same time.

Within two hour, there was a knock at my office door, to my wonder, the door was opened and that runaway customer came into my office and the all the issues settled officially.I could not believe myself, I was crying all the night in happiness and in unbelievable miracle.

I remain with my gratitude always!


The experience I had through the course of my reiki healing sessions was truly amazing. The process from start to end was tranquil and by the end of each session I felt so revitalised as though there was a new me each time. This was a sign of progress as it meant that the negative feeling was turning into a more positive one. Despite not having the most troublesome issues, Ravi my reiki practitioner, was very comforting and helpful. I felt at ease talking to her and I appreciated her time spent with me.


Ravi is a truly gifted person. She’s so amazing and empathetic and makes you a part of her family and you feel like you have always known her. She taps into your life and problems and works on making you look at the positive side of things and gives you so much hope, faith and positivity that you feel as if the problem never existed. I cannot recommend her enough.. All who go to her will enrich their lives with newfound faith and positivity and my only regret is that I lived closer to her to be able to meet her regularly. She’s one of Sai’s Angels here to help others and she’s truly blessed!


Thank you for your time to help me work through some complex issues that I was dealing with. Throughout our sessions, I felt calm and relaxed and was always able to leave our session feeling inspired and ready to make changes to improve my interactions with everyone in my life. This included family, friends and work. Your support was much appreciated.

Mr Singh

Sai9 Healing, has helped me a great deal with my life, a friend advised me to get in touch with Sai9 healing as she had seen positive results from the healing, at first I was reluctant but I am glad I stuck with the sessions.

Ravi Bhamber, the healer, is very good and knows what she is doing, she made the every session comfortable, an excellent listener no matter the problems you had she was open ears and gave great advice to help me through my fears, every time she would be spot on. The sessions helped me become a better person, have a better understanding of my life and most importantly staying positive. I highly recommend this healing treatment. Thank you Ravi Bhamber

Pinder Kaur

Ravinder has guided me with work/home issues and with my health. She listens with her heart and soul and guides me through her spiritual gift and prayers. She has a kind and caring approach and listens with sincerity. She always makes time for you and after speaking to Ravinder I always feel much calmer and at ease. Her guidance and healing has helped me through my highs and lows. She is a very special lady.

Stephanie Taylor

This is the second review I am writing about Ravi, as I’d like to share my very positive experience. After a very draining relationship I thought I would never be able to find what I was looking for and be happy with someone again. Ravi told me that someone new was coming into my life this year, and she was absolutely right, even the things she said about the guy were similar. I have so much belief and faith in her cause she has helped me in many areas of my life.

S. Krishnan

Sai Ram. I was drawn to contact Ravi at a time when I felt I needed to work on myself and surrender certain feelings, tendencies and habits which were holding me back from experiencing fullness and abundance in my life. I liked the honesty of her website, and her love for Sai Baba, who is also my Guru. Ravi is a very unusual healer. Her method and approach to healing is entirely based on Baba’s Guidance. She is warm, friendly and a great confidant – someone who is full of empathy and insight. She is someone One is able to instantly connect with. Her sincerity and desire to help is palpable and touching. She fills you with confidence that by tapping into your own inner Source and Resource, you can free yourself from anything that limits your potential. Ravi’s love for Baba is beautiful and that deeply inspires her healing. Long may it last!

Sue Fisher

I came to Ravi feeing quite low and feeling like my whole world was turning in on me and felt that i need help in getting me some focus in life. I went for my first session feeling nervous and didn’t know what to expect. After my first session i felt a lot lighter and felt the world’s weight had been lifted off me. After my 5 session i started to see a big difference in the way i looked at my life and being positive was hard for me at first but it seemed that this was much easier. People started seeing a difference and commenting on this. I would like to thank Ravi and recommend her to my friends and family so they can see a difference too.

Anil Bhatia

Few years back I met with an accident it damaged my left knee. I couldn’t able to walk properly even and was so depressed the pain was unbearable. And was dependent on pain killers completely.Suddenly one day I met Ravi on the Facebook.And don’t know why but I sent her message on Facebook.And when I spoke to her I got confident about my healing.as I am also devotee of sai baba I believe this is baba who directed me to Ravi for my curing. By the Divine grace of Sri Sai Baba and the prayers of Ravi, today it has come true. My hearty thanks to Ravi and Shri Sai Baba. Am recovering from my illness so fast and regained my lost confidence. Thanks to Ravi you are angel for me.

Perminder Soor

I’ve been going through a bad patch since the beginning of last year with my health last couple of months were harder with stress/tension and low esteem problems that were effecting my life on a daily basis.
I’ve known Ravinder for a long Time,but one day while i was at work out of the blue she was standing at the entrance of the station. I was so shocked to see her at that moment we just talked & booked appointment.
Ravinder has a great gift a very good listener, very calm professional in what she the does she gives out is very inspirational & guidance.
I’ve had one session with Ravinder which has motivated and made me believe in myself,
I look forward to my next session.

Stephanie Taylor

I’ve just had my first session with Ravi. I was amazed at how she tuned into my thinking straight away and got to know me in such a short space of time. Ravi has helped me identify areas that I need support and guidance with to enhance my life and achieve all round happiness. I am confident that with her help I can make the necessary changes and gain self-fulfilment.

Sunny jutla

At first i was i very skeptical on meeting Ravi Sai 9 Healing after being introduced through a friend through sai temple i decided to give it a go.
So the sessions continued week after week. Gradually i started to become very comfortable with Ravi.
Her attitude was warm and welcoming, Not to forget professional. I started to find changes in my life after 3 sessions. Let me remind everyone reading my testimonial. It’s magic in its own form. You must have belief. That very belief turned in to success.
Today i am glad to recommend Ravi to any of my friends and family. Thanks

Neval Romain

I have known Ravinder for some time now , she has a truly amazing gift to detect and clear body which lead to physical and emotional ailments. Having felt first hand the revitalising and uplifting change in my body energy after just one visit with Ravinder , I would highly recommend seeing her if you are suffering from poor health tiredness and so on.


I have known Ravinder from a good few years and have always found her to be very spiritual and calming with a fantastic sense of humour which is always in very good taste. Ravinder is an inspiration to me during our conversations, very encouraging, positive and well natured. I am sure she will also be of good inspiration to others during her daily walk of life and will help to broaden their horizons in whatever direction is chosen. If I had to choose one word to describe Ravinder it would be “Heavenly”.

Mr Kanda

I have recently had the pleasure of receiving some much needed holistic healing from Ravi and wanted to share my wonderful experience. As a fellow holistic healer, I am pleased to say that Ravi heals to make the biggest and brightest difference. Her care to attention, energy and passion was greatly appreciated and I would unconditionally recommend her…. thank you so very much.


Ravi is more than a certified healer. Bestowed with a sweet, giving nature and the blessings of ‘His Divine Grace ‘ Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi’, Ravi has the ability to see beyond her immediate setting and move into a different plane, where she receives divine guidance on what is needed for each situation. She also combines Reiki with this divine knowledge and sends the person healing, directly channelling Baba as she does so. I have so far received several accurate messages from Baba through Ravi and it has brought me endless happiness. While we can often channel Baba directly, emotion often clouds our judgement when it comes to us, rendering us unable to interpret messages correctly. Ravi confirmed what I had received separately from Baba and interpreted it for me in a way that made perfect sense. Her healing methods are uniquely chosen for her by Baba Himself and are therefore, perfectly matched to the person and the situation. May Baba bless her in her  journey and always reward her faith with His divine presence.



From my point of view, she is a gifted and talented individual that understands the strenuous experiences of daily life and turn it into something miraculous just by viewing the world in a way that brings about peace and harmony to the mind and soul of many individuals who just lost their way. She is to me truly magical and a wonderful person to share your sorrows or confusions.


Thanks Ravi for the time you have taken to listen and give me guidance. I really appreciate it. You have opened up my eyes to the possibilities I am capable of and believing in me.


When I first spoke to Ravi, I knew I had to acquaint, I felt I knew hew her for a long time – an inspiration person A lovely, empathetic, motivating, understanding and compassionate lady!, providing help to others that are at cross roads in life.
I had very little to explain to Ravi, she knew before I said anything, her guidance and her shraddha (faith) encouraged me to ‘get up and do something’.
My treatment was peaceful and I got a lot out of my time with Ravi.
My father used to be a Sai devotee, so I was aware of the principles.
I was given the Sai Vrat book a few times by people but I used to put it aside after reading it., it now has accrued to me why the book kept on coming into my hand. I needed to have healing with a Sai devotee and complete the Sai 9 Thursday Vrat – it all make sense.
The reason why my journey has been difficult, was because I was ignoring the obvious source of help – SAI.
I have had baby steps of clearance in the mind since meeting Ravi, and little things have happened for the best.
I will go to Shirdhi- Sai will call me.


At first I was on edge about going but just after my first session I left feeling much lighter, stronger, relaxed and positive. So far I have attended 2 sessions with Ravi and both of which were different. She’s a blessing in disguise and the healing is powerful but gentle and I would recommend it to everyone. It’s a sign of a new beginning in life for me and I look forward to my next few sessions.


Ravinder is true, optimistic and honest Sai devotee, she has a genuine desire to help people with the use of her healing gifts…she does all her work thru Baba and escpecially for those who believe in Baba, her sessions are very soothing…

Dr L Pryke, Founder Isatreya® Ltd

I have known Ravi for several years and I personally trained her. Ravi is an exceptional healer and shows compassion and has a true understanding of spiritual wellbeing. She is a wonderful person and always works to the clients highest good. I cannot recommend Ravi highly enough and by meeting her and enlisting her help for either healing or lifecoaching your life will be deeply enriched.

Taran Singh

Being new to spiritual healing I was a first a little skeptical about it but after my first meeting with Ravi I began to realise some things I needed help with and feel a lot more focused and calmer in life thanks Sai9 healing for all your help

Lata Binu

Being the business neighbours, we have only seen the ‘Sai healing’ board on the opposite door. Gradually the graceful attitude of Ravi befriended us and we became good friends. Once we happened to share with Ravi the ultimate expectation we had in our life, that would take our life to the next stage.

Ravi, with all trust and devotion to Shri Sai Baba, asserted that we shall definitely and effortlessly be taken to the next stage in three months. By the Divine grace of Sri Sai Baba and the prayers of Ravi, today it has come true.

Our hearty thanks to Ravi and our sincere devotion to Shri Sai Baba


Ravi Bhamber is a regular devotee to the WSSBO (UK) centre in East Ham. She is very Spiritual and friendly person who can communicate to anyone. We met at the Shirdisai centre, East Ham and were talking about baba and personal feelings made us very good friends and the love towards Baba and love towards each other made us more like sisters. I feel comfortable to share anything with her and seek her advice & guidance for any matters as she is experienced and elder to me.

According to me, Ravi Bhamber is very knowledgeable, friendly, patient in listening to others, puts herself in others situation and above all she connects to Baba for all the Healing services she renders.

She always come to centre and share her plans, her service motives, her new services and seek blessing from Baba. Even the name “Sai 9 Healing” was given by Baba in her dream. She is totally surrendered and devoted to Baba and wants to serve and help people by Healing through Baba. I am really happy to be her friend and thank Baba for the same. I sincerely wish her all the best for her “Sai 9 Healing” Centre and Baba’s Blessing is always with her for her service she does.

Miss Kaur

On my first visit I was sceptical about what I might achieve from having the sessions as I wasn’t sure how reiki or even talking to someone could help.

Ravi offered me so much more, with her spiritual guidance and support I felt that I have been transported through a journey from my past that helped me understand my life better today enabling me to move forward today in the present and prepare for a future that I want. She’s offered me warmth support and the reiki has benefited me and helped me though challenging times that I have embarked on. This entire process has helped me change my life around for the better and I am amazed at what I have learned about myself and life itself.

I started treatment with Sai 9 healing over a year ago, and after my first healing treatment I felt a difference like a weight had been lifted and I had no worry in the world. Treatment after treatment, I felt my confidence growing and Sai 9 healing were able to advise and tell me the right things to do. Sai 9 helped me set up my own business and work on family issues which were difficult to deal with on a daily basis. I am very thankful to Sai 9 Healing for what they have done for me and the massive risks I am now able to take because of my increase confidence and self–esteem. Thank you Sai 9 healing for what you have done for me and the changes you have brought in my life.


I would like to say a big thank you to Ravi who helped me too overcome the obstacle I was facing at the time. I visited her a few times; she was helpful and always positive around me this helped me to feel more confident and positive within myself to achieve the goal I was aiming for.

Her positive vibes created a different feeling within me to carry on doing what I was supposed to do. Thank you once again.

Pat, Borrowash

I cannot thank this lady enough. She was so empathic and I really enjoyed the reading with her. I swear I could feel Angels around me as she spoke to me.

Sue, Castle Bromwich

My relationship had ended and I am in my late 60’s so saw no future for me. Ravi tuned into me straight away and without me having to say anything, she not only picked up on the situation that I was in but also correctly predicted that I had a new man entering my life. I decided to wait to see if her prediction came true and I am delighted to report that not only have I entered a new relationship, his appearance is just as Ravi described!

Sapna Bhandari

Sai Ram,

I wanted to share my experience today.

I was having issues with my laptop all day until around 3pm it totally switched off. I was getting really worried now because I had no access to my work and I was already a few days behind.

The IT person could not work out how it was going to be fixed and said he would go and speak to somebody senior and come back to me and if it could not be fixed I would have to travel 3 hours to sort out.

For some strange reason my phone called Ravi’s number without me knowing and Ravi returned my call. She advised to scatter Vibuthi on the laptop then close and chant Sai Ram 9 times. After that she asked me to place Baba’s book on the laptop.

I came downstairs chanting Baba’s name and the IT person called me and fixed the laptop within 5 minutes.

Baba’s leelas are amazing. We have to be patient and he will fix any problem.

Thank you Ravi again, you truly are Baba’s messenger.

Sai Ram 🙏

Mr Kumar

Before meeting Ravi mam, my life was all over the place, I was in sever confusion/turmoil in my personal & professional life. I was completely unorganised and dealing with events in a chaotic manner.

Once I started taking sessions with Ravi ji and followed all her instructions, directions and guidance, my life started to become much organised and I was back to achieving my set out goals.

I have also seen a tremendous increase in the path of spirituality, Ravi mam has been with me through my journey of improvement and guided me as Guru sent by Baba himself during the difficult periods of my life.

The most important part is Baba through Ravi mam has showered my family and me with all his grace and blessings by saving my sibling from the serious COVID 19 aliment, ever since I have witnessed waves after waves of miracles.

‘Trust’, ‘Faith’, ‘Belief’ and ‘Devotion’ taught  by Ravi mam and following it with your heart and soul  will definitely make you open your eyes and will lead you on the right path to achieving your goals and desires.

A heartfelt thanks with all my humbleness and gratitude to Ravi mam for all her support, help and guidance for which I am ever grateful.

From an adherent anonymous devotee of Baba and student of Ravi ji🙏.

Om Sai Ram🙏