Sometimes we get so engrained into the miseries of human life that we don’t realise our self-worth and potential to better in Life. Through ongoing life coaching and healing, one opens the door to transforming life to a very different dimension. Life coaching allows one to introspect one self, not see oneself through the filters of accumulated experiences and beliefs but shows the mirror of one’s true inner existence. Healing enables a person to understand that no matter what one does, situation is not in one’s control and are a result of past karma. However when one chooses to heal oneself, they are letting go of the impressions accumulated over many lifetimes from the sub-conscious and paving way to future progression by correcting their present actions

“Healing enables SOUL’s who are lost and striving to survive in darkness walk towards light”

Before a client comes to see Ravi, she meditates on Shri Sai Baba to receive advice and messages. This usually helps her to connect with the client before the session. Baba also gives her advice on which method of healing to use for the client and if it is the right time for the client to start healing. As often souls go through tough impending times which brings them to cross roads but however it is not always the case that they are ready to take the next leap in life and walk towards evolution. For some, only a single session is needed and for others it might take a few more to reach to the depths of true self and heal them. Healing usually involves the healer touching the person gently on where the healing is required most. Usually, this is the stomach area, as emotions are frequently stored there.

What is different with the healing that Sai9Healing offers to what is across the world?

Often when you approach healers, they tend to take one method but Ravi takes this a step ahead to incorporating Riekhi healing, prayers and life –coaching. It is unique way to bring multiple skills together and cleansing a soul at all levels. It is very important to understand the difference between the three:

Life Coaching – A life coach can help us uncover unhealthy, repetitive patterns, clear it, think outside the box and move forward extremely positively

Prayers- Prayers clear the path quickly, miraculously teaching the person the lesson that needs to be learned while removing the pain. The miracle of prayer is so vast that books are not enough to articulate and illustrate this.

Healing- A process through which our mental and physical ailments are healed with universal energy and guidance taken from a connecting source

Sai9Healing is the best curative human experience which is going to bring love and light into many lives. However who will open this door to reach the heights of divine consciousness will be dependent on the grace of Sai Baba and the pure intent of the soul to evolve.

As Baba says…………..