Baba’s Leela


“Believe Me, that though I pass away, My bones in My tomb will give you hope and confidence. My tomb would be speaking, moving and communicating with those who would surrender themselves whole-heartedly to me. Do not be anxious that I will be absent from your life. You will hear my bones speaking and discussing your welfare. But remember me always, believe in me, heart and soul, and then you will benefit greatly.”

Ravinder, your dad will get better”

With Baba’s grace, today, I am chronicling my story. Baba has been with me at every step in my life and this story goes on to show how he has saved my family. I have been very close to my dad. He is my lifeline. Ravinder till 2017, was a cheerful and bubbly person. Dad and I used to shop together, cook together and have fun together. But life changes and each of us have our own journey. Here is how my path changed and I have become who I am today and how Baba has played an integral role in my life.

I can never forget the date, August 8, 2017. My father went for a regular check-up and was advised to stop his Warfarin tablets. Instead, he was recommend an injection. 4 courses of injections to be administered at home. We could never understand this diagnosis (we found out later that the doctor who prescribed this course made a mistake!). After the second shot, my mind was not at rest. It was as though, Baba was saying something to me. I even asked my brother to have my father checked. All results came in clear, but deep down I was not at peace. It was as though I had a premonition of things to come.

I was nervous throughout the week. It was on August 2017 that my dad and I sat to tea, like we regularly did. I was tired and took leave from dad and went up to my room. This is very unlike me. In my room, I felt unrest. Baba came to me thrice, spoke to me and blessed me. He kept saying look after dad and sensing something was wrong, I came down immediately. Things were to change forever…

There it was! He has just suffered from a stroke (Cerebrovascular disease & Mild Cognitive Disorder). Stroke that effected his speech and impaired movement of his right arm. We rushed him to hospital immediately in an ambulance. The next morning at 6:00 a.m., I rushed to the hospital. Everyone advised me against going there so early, I still did. I also insisted to stay there all day. As I was crying and lost next to the almost lifeless body of my dad in his hospital room, I heard Baba say, “Ravinder, your dad will get better.”

Ravinder, who do you go to?”

As a healer, I hardly was prepared to answer this question. For the past 10 years, I have been the port of call for many of my clients in distress. With my father’s illness, between juggling hospital, office and home, this question came like a jolt. However, without hesitation, I replied Baba. Yes, Baba. He has guided me step by step in my journey so far. I never gave up hope. Right from the day my dad was hospitalised, hope was my firm resolve. Dad had to undergo several tests, he lost his memory and doctors were quick to pronounce the worst. My family too felt the same. However, I had created a bubble for myself. I kept firmly believing that he will get better.

He had a tube in his nose, he could not swallow nor could he walk. He lost his speech and it was difficult to communicate with him. He underwent speech therapy twice a week. Baba then came to me and said, “Ravinder, make something from home for dad to eat”. I made rice pudding and I was sure my dad would eat. But he did not. The doctors were threatening to operate him with a feeding tube and I prayed hard. The nurses, who by then became very friendly, would sit with me and comfort me. However, I did not give up. On the following Friday was my brother’s 40th and my entire family celebrated his birthday. I could not get myself to go out with them for dinner. I kept praying hard. On the last day of speech therapy of my dad, we had a breakthrough. I made lentil soup from home and he had 12 spoons! The entire nursing team was shocked. They called in a senior doctor who was shocked too. Dad started consuming food and they had to remove his feeding tube. That was our first major victory – his feeding tube was removed in 3 Months. Nurses mentioned they had never seen that happen! Where he was to be operated on the following Tuesday, he started consuming food (without the tube) on Friday itself. The nurses cheered, “Ravinder, you were so damn right!”.

While this went on at the hospital, my work was getting affected too. As a healer, I give my clients my 100%. I had recently won a large contract and could not bring my mind to it. My receptionist kept reminding me, but my mind was not there. Taking Baba’s name, the next day I went to meet my client, a shrewd businessman. I explained my situation to him and he said, “Ravinder, I will give you 4 weeks. Look after your dad.” Baba cleared the way for me.

That was just the beginning…his care then continued at home.

Have Faith and Patience and confront your problems”

Once my dad was home, with Baba’s grace step by step things seemed to improve.

For eight months he slept downstairs and I was with him. We had helpers coming in thrice a day. I had to keep an eye for his medicines and different appointments and manage his therapy sessions. He had to regularly have blood checks, OT and speech therapy sessions. I used to pray to Baba.

I still remember clearly how much I struggled with all the paperwork. There was a day when the Council called and told me that they will be coming to see the paperwork that day. I was just not prepared. I cried to Baba. Within an hour I received a call from the Council saying that they will come after a month, as the officer was unwell. Such is the grace of my Baba.

Today, after 8 months, my dad has shifted to his room upstairs. He can move around. He is yet to get back his memory and speech, but I know that things will get better. Helping dad has made me much stronger and strengthened my faith in Baba. Baba has kept guiding me and has told me to have faith and patience and confront my problems and keep walking. I am never alone in this journey. Baba’s mercy is on us. Jai Sai Ram.

Throughout my journey of a year, certain tools of Baba have helped me overcome my fears. I am sharing them with you, so they can help you too.

•  Continuously chanting Baba’s name
•  Drinking Udhi water
•  Reading Baba’s Satcharita
•  I continuously imagined Udhi over dad
•  I would make Prasad at home and distribute at Baba’s temple

Experience – COVID

Life throws challenges not to test us but to make us reach to the next level of tolerance and acceptance. Pain is a beautiful flower which when offered with love to divine abode showers the grace of God.

My life was all about taking care of my father, who has been unwell for last few years. Since COVID started, being aware of the medical implications and constraints, I have been extra conscious all through in terms of cleanliness and care. We had carers coming for my dad every day but we took every precaution needed.

On 5TH Jan 2021, my parents developed mild COVID symptoms and when tested, result was positive for both of them and myself it was negative. I stopped carers and mom was isolating upstairs and I was taking care of dad all by myself. Mom was down with high temperature and dad was very weak, severe cough and gradually he stopped eating. It was very draining both emotionally and physically but all the while, I felt baba was by my side and showering his blessings.

Gradually dad developed breathing issues and his warfarin shot up to 8. ANE did the test but results were not correct and they suggested we get it done at a place nearby. All COVID did was caused a lot of fear within every one and it has become increasingly difficult to get support and care. Mom continued to be isolated for 14 days and had severe body aches. What added to the current situation was, me also getting infected by COVID and was tested positive. I started feeling very perturbed never like before. Baba was my only hope in the entire time, he came into my dreams and used to give me flower. He was the only sustenance which gave me strength, love and energy, to do what I did all through that phase. I felt as if, I was resting at his feet and showering flowers of devotion towards his picture.

During this month of upheaval, Baba gave me many indications. Each time for example, I step into living room the movie played in the television was either Santhoshi ma, Durga ma or my dearest lord BABA HIMSELF…. I STILL FEEL IT WAS HIS PLAN FOR US TO BURN OUR KARMA. I HAD VISUALS OF DHUNI BURNING AND IT WAS AUSPICIOUS SIGN THAT BABA IS TAKING CARE AND CURING US.

After 4 weeks of life threatening period, we all eventually were tested negative. The joy that, I carried was a sign of relief. Life has many highs and lows but this was the most special period of my life and will remain memorable as it taught me that there is only one person, we can look up to at all times and that is GOD. Everyone in this world can forsake but not Baba. He is there for his children at all times and all he asks for is unconditional faith and patience.