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Hanuman Chalisa Parayan – Guided by Shirdi Sai Baba

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Hanuman represents immense strength and devotion and let them become a part of your life. Tulsidas Goswami who is an ardent devotee of Rama has written Hanuman Chalisa which consists, 40 verses evoking blessing of Shri Lord Hanuman in whose heart Lord Rama and Sita reside. During intense crises of life, through the inspiration of lord Shiva Tulsidas invokes the blessings of Hanuman ji for devotee’s who recite Hanuman Chalisa. Encapsulated in each verse of Hanuman Chalisa is the complete secret of success of life. Known for his mystical power and miraculous achievements, Hanuman shares a beautiful sublime of oneness with Shirdi Saibaba. It is said that Saibaba used walk around the Hanuman temple in Shirdi and speak in sign language with him. They both are one at cosmos level and both are forms of Lord Shiva.

Reading Satcharitra will enrich your life for greater success and each word gives us insight into our own life. Mind is often termed as mad monkey and we humans are decedents of monkey race. Monkey can idealize monkey due to shared similarities and Humans can idealise Hanuman.

Hanuman was a child, he had such strength and was so mischievous that he caused havoc all around – disturbing the rishis (sages) during their worship, pulling their beards, and even putting them up in trees. So, the rishis cursed Hanuman, saying he would not remember his strength unless he was reminded. “So, the first verses of the Chalisa are to remind Hanuman of who he is. In the last verses we ask him to grant us our wish. And our wish is that he come to live in our hearts, with Ram, Sita and Lakshman.”

It’s not necessary to ask Hanuman for anything for He is the ‘knower of all hearts.

Sai Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Sai

Hanuman lives only to serve the God within us and to prepare us to live fully in the spirit.

Below is an extract which demonstrates, as to how when Baba wants to get something done, he himself works through it and ultimately proves that he is the universal creator.

One of the devotees from Mahaparayan group of the Shri Sai Satcharitra has contacted Ravinder Bhamber- coordinator of Mahaparayan UK group and asked for guidance, as she desires to read Hanuman Chalisa. On Shivratri day, Friday the 21st February 2020, when Ravi ji visited the temple, Baba guided her to start a group where 11 devotees read Hanuman Chalisa, 9 times every Tuesday. Every Tuesday all the 11 devotees will offer together a beautiful mala of 108 flowers in the form of chants to Lord Hanuman, who is also a form of Baba himself. Again, who plans better than Sai baba himself, the day this was discussed was Shivratri and venue was Shirdi Baba temple. Straight away in 48 hours though the plan was to start one group on 3rd March 2020, as many devotee’s started showing interest, 2 groups were created straight away to start on 25th February 2020. Many more Hanuman Chalisa groups will be set up as this is a divine task and is started by Baba to spread the light of Lord Hanuman into the lives of the humanity and get them blessed simultaneously and progress in spiritual path.

Sai Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Sai

Sai Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Sai 

Sai Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Sai