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Devotee experience 1

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

I would like to share my Mahaparayan experience. Am a devotee of Shirdi Baba and live in Cyprus and joined the Mahaparayan group despite of not having a Shri Sai Satcharitra book and never held a picture of Baba in my hand, that I could visualise the form of the lord. Devotees can only serve Baba, when he draws them to read his stories and nothing manifests without his almighty will but we as humans tend to perceive that, we are the doers and get sucked into Maya or illusion and my own experience is an example.

Working on a maid visa and the Christian owner not allowing me to do prayers at home, I offered my prayers at night when none can stand between me and Baba. I started weeping day and night, asking Baba to take away my illness and wishing to get a picture of Baba which I can offer prayers. Despite every problem in my life, I continued to read Satcharitra and had faith that one day will get vibhuti and Baba’s picture. On the first day of Mahaparayan which was in October 2019, I had a dream in which Baba stood in front of me with open arms. I wept out of love that my dear lord graced me in dream and that very experience has given me reassurance to look forward to one day being blessed with his love.

On 1st January 2020, I received a parcel and sender unknown. I opened the parcel and it had Shri Sai Satcharitra, a beautiful cloth, sweet packet, Baba’s beautiful picture and flowers. My words of joy are not something which can be penned as I felt Baba himself has sent them from Shirdi. Only Baba can do it!!!!

No matter where you are, distance does not matter, Baba will reach you. All he needs is love, earnest devotion from a devotee. You break that wall of separation that is standing between him and you, he will traverse lightyears to reach you.

Devotee experience 2

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

I am Chetana and a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. I want to share with you my dear friends the miracle that happened within our life’s, once I started reading Mahaparayan. We are three siblings, two sisters and one brother. Being elder daughter, my parents got me married first and by baba’s grace, I am very happy being blessed with a daughter and well settled in Bangalore. Two years ago, my younger sister got married, unfortunately not even a month into marriage, she got divorced. After enduring such a bad experience, she was not ready to get married again and start a new life though, we as a family kept persuading her.

Again who knows best more than Baba does, after two years we finally managed to convince her for marriage. There was question constantly worrying the family if my sister will be accepted whole heartedly by the new family and how will future events unfold. Being the eldest daughter in my family, my parents left the decision on me as my parents were feeling vulnerable and felt they were not in a position to make a decision after having a painful experience in the prior instance with her marriage. One night I was sleeping and thinking about doing 9 Thursday vrat of Sai Baba. Next day I had a message from a friend of mine saying that they are forming a Mahaparayan group of Sai Baba and she asked me, if I was interested in joining the group. My immediate instincts thought, Baba himself came to help me in this way. Next moment without thinking twice, I agreed to join Mahaparayan. On the first day of Mahaparayan, I prayed to baba that within 3 months, he should guide me to find a suitable alliance which will bestow blessing of a wonderful person as a husband to my sister. The same day, when I started reading Sai Baba Satcharitra as a part of Mahaparayan, I received a call and we were approached by a family and the groom was willing to marry my sister. By baba blessings in 45 days engagement and marriage everything has happened and now she is happy with her husband. I am so thank full to the team who organized the Mahaparayan, special for Ravi ji and co-ordinators. Really it is baba who was with me all the way long in this journey, whatever I asked of him he gave me. I am very Thank full to baba.

Devotee experience 3

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

Each word I write falls short in expressing my gratitude to Baba. You are mother, father, family, friend, teacher and will say everything for me. Mahaparayan has changed my life. Today I feel his presence in my every breath, and I feel there is no him, there is no me.

I lacked both Shraddha and Saburi in my life and have been constantly seeking aimlessly in life. I would like to share my experience which is most recent as if I keep writing of his Leela’s in my life then the list is endless. I have been thinking of changing jobs for last 6 months but somehow or the other I never even applied for a job. Always found reasons to not apply for job either personal or professional. On 17thJanuary 2020, Thursday I was contacted by an agent saying my name came up on the website and he has an opportunity, which he believes that I will be suitable to apply. As it is Thursday, I usually don’t say no to anything that comes in my way, as I believe baba has planned it. I said yes to him and told him that I will forward my CV on Sunday at 9:00 pm as number 9 is Baba’s number.

I received a call on Mahaparayan Thursday 24th January 2020, that they called me for an interview on 27th January 2020. I was just going by his plan as later, I realised that 2 plus 7 is nine. The interview was another miracle as on the day of interview, I was not able to reach their office and felt will not be able to attend the interview and then a man came to me and took me to interview in person. I received a call on Thursday the 30th January 2020 and they asked me to attend for an interview on Thursday 6th February 2020. I had very strong feeling that it was baba who was working his way through me. I was than informed that they really were very much impressed with me and would like to see me on 18th February 2020 for final interview via phone. Immediately I smiled as 1 plus 8 is 9.

On the day of the interview, I was not well as was having a very difficult day and was not well. I sat down in the meeting room and was looking at Baba on my phone and said that I was not feeling like doing it, so he should do it on my behalf. I picked the call and my voice was not coming and body got stiff, not knowing what to do, I disconnected the phone. I was panicking and all I did was opened the vibhuti and put in my mouth. I picked the call this time and did the interview. I myself could not believe as to how I could even do it that way as each of my answers were crafted by him not me. Baba’s number 9 and it is him and his plan. They informed me that the formal offer will be sent to me straight away on 20th February 2020 the Thursday.

I still cannot believe that this manifested, but it did. I am writing this with that faith which is as vast as the universe.

Devotee experience 4

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

Parents are the start to all relationships we garner from the moment we enter this world to the end. They are the foremost of all teachers from whom, we learn and without their blessing, we are incomplete.

I am blessed by a lovely boy 14 years ago which was the most memorable moment of my life. He was my world and guess this is the case with every mother. In Satcharitra the author narrates “when a child is adorned with new clothes, a mother’s joy is boundless whereas the child does not show attention to it” and this is perfect example of mother’s love for her child. We love our children unconditionally like Baba love his children. Having been Baba’s devotee last 15 years, I tried in multiple occasions to accept my son the way he is but to my dismay irrespective of how much I try to reform his ways, he would not.

He had no zeal to doing anything in life and never behaved normal like other children of his age would do. He does not like to study, so what else does he want to do was a question that I constantly lived with and there is no answer to any of my questions. Because of constant battles and arguments at home, it also started to have an impact on my marriage, as my husband could not tolerate any more and felt I was responsible for the entire situation. House became a living hell as there was no peace, no progressiveness- leave alone no love and happiness.

I prayed to Baba relentlessly but at that point, I did not realise that my prayers lacked bhakti but were filled with fears. I started losing hope for last few years. I was approached for joining Mahaparayan group and I signed up to do reading two chapters every Thursday for the Mahaparyan group, with the hope that something will change in my life. Again, please note the word hope that I write as that is where, I was not able to bring a shift in my life. I lived with hope but never moved towards faith, that Baba knows the best and whatever is given to me is for my highest good. Mahaparayan is just bliss engrained in the form of a book. Every Thursday when I opened the book, the very touch healed me. Gave courage to confront my son and his behaviour. I have personally seen him improve so much in the last few months and can clearly see baba working through him. His grades are better, and I notice that he is much calmer than before or can say I learnt how to handle him with Baba’s guidance. He is a 14-year-old body with under 10-year-old maturity, but I have faith in Baba. When he could bring us this far, he will take us ahead in this journey. The reading of this book taught me to keep walking in life and holding the book for any question I have. Baba is the faith and Baba is the answer.

Devotee experience 5

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

Baba has been very considerate to us in various instances and I am a devotee living in south India. Despite of being a devotee for years, I have spent all my life having money, but living without it as all my properties were stuck up some way or the other. I tried multiple times to sell them but despite many attempts, I keep living in financial difficulties. By baba grace there was never any dart of needs but at the same time we never could live a normal life due to constant financial pressures.

I started reading for Mahaparayan in October 2019 and for the first time after 40 years, we could sell one of our properties in November 2019 and this could only happen because of Baba’s grace and his blessings. My prayers were answered by baba after many years. I really hope that Baba clears all our property issues and we can make our children progress in life. Though I have been reading this book for years, I never felt the energy which I feel now. I no longer sulk in life but started accepting life the way it is and leave it in Baba’s hands.

I and my children are grateful to the organisers of Mahaparayan especially Ravi ji who has played an integral part of my life and showed me the way ahead in life to read the Sai Satcharitra and keep seeking guidance from Baba. My husband has a habit of constantly talking to me in an abusive language. Previously, I was complaining and blaming him for our situation but since I started reading, I changed my perspective of his behaviour towards me and keep calm, thinking of Baba. It is our past karma as to why today, I am enduring financial issues and constantly questing for respect. Reading Satcharitra has given me the strength to keep walking with faith in Baba…

Devotee experience 6

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

I had “invested a grand or so a long time ago – maybe 8 years ago? On this betting company that a good friend at the time said was a good way to get quick returns on. My gut didn’t think it was a good idea (I’m not into betting or gambling). But I was greedy and maybe foolish to trust him. Long story short – I never got the money back. I think I put in $1500. The company went missing in action and that was that.

It made me really upset – I mean it wasn’t a lot of money. Still….
So anyways this friend of mine (it wasn’t his company; it was his coach’s business) and I remained friends, but I never did any more investing with him or other friends. I’ve lost touch with this guy over the years.

Last week, I randomly got a call from him. He said he had something for me and needed my email. Now I wasn’t sure if it was more great business ideas. I emailed him and said things were good with me. I said I’m open to hearing about it, but I’m not interested in any business-related things. So, he responded yesterday and sent me 1000 out of his pocket saying he wanted to clear his karma etc. I am going to accept it to complete it. I’ll thank him for it. But it was just strange after all these years. I hadn’t even thought about getting that money back; I thought it was lost. I forgot about it. Since I joined Mahaparayan, there are few instances where it makes me think as to how much our every act is visible to God. Baba is a witness of all our actions, and he will account for it at the right time.

How strange!

Devotee experience 7

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

Being a Baba devotee for many years, I have always lived in pain and disappointment. My miseries were endless, my husband speaks very abusively with no respect, financial crisis, both my children though married with children are very unhappy, as they are constantly being dragged into further miseries. I always felt if ever there will be an end to the way all our lives are, but years are passing by with no change.

Through Ravi ji the co-ordinator of UK Mahaparayan, myself and my daughters joined the Mahaparayan group last year. Life started improving for both me and my daughters. I would like to share a very recent miracle and how Baba blessing touched me. I went to a movie with my younger daughter family and at the theatre they asked me to fill in one coupon. We got only one coupon which my daughters family filled in but one of the organisers, walked to me and gave me another coupon and said to fill it even though, it is only one coupon for family. I filled my details and put it in the box.

On Thursday, I got a call saying, my coupon was the winning coupon and I shall come to pick it up. In the evening my daughter went to pick the gift on my behalf and when she came back and told me that the gift was Baba picture, a holiday package, I was filled with happiness. Felt that Baba has come to me on a Thursday as a blessing and I have faith that he will one day improve mine and my children life’s.

Devotee experience 8

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

I am a student studying in Canada and joined Mahaparayan recently. I would like to offer my gratitude to Baba and Ravi ji who have given me this opportunity to read Shri Sai Satcharitra, as this has been a blessing. I got a new job, well it’s a minimum wage position, however I’m grateful as the timing is good. Finances are tough at the moment. I need something flexible with my school schedule and yet I can’t work lots of hours because I need to study. So, this position gives me free access to the gym (which I need because it makes me feel good), it possibly opens some doors for my manual therapy practice, who knows – maybe even teaching classes there!?! Baba you are a saviour and who knows better than you as to what is best for us!!! Love you for everything!!!!

Devotee experience 9

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

Thanks a ton, to this Mahaparayan group who has added me and given me an opportunity to come closer to baba by doing Mahaprayan.
My family is going under very bad phase since we lost our cousin brother last month.
My sister in law condition is also not good. She became senseless and stop responding to everything.
We were in very bad situation and prayed to baba to please save as she is having two small kids.

I posted in mahaprayan group for the blessing and exactly in one hour of my posting in the group for prayers she started responding and started to feel better. Again I heard in the next morning her condition was critical, I straight away urged to this group please pray for her.

I know baba never leave us alone he will help for sure and today I got to know she is getting discharged from hospital tomorrow and that is baba day Thursday.

Baba keep your blessing on us and our family.
I am waiting for one thing from last one year but till now it didn’t happen, may be u have other plans for me. Baba please do something as we need what I am asking from you since long.

All devotee keep faith on baba and surely, he will listen to our prayer.

Devotee experience 10

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

My name is Nalini. I would like to share my experience with Baba’s Leela during my Mahaparayan readings.
I misplaced my jewellery somewhere last month. I was very worried and searched everywhere. Everyone in our family helped me to look for it. But I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was asking Swami to help me. I always pray Baba whenever I am in problems and Swami helps me.

This time it took some time, but I still did not find jewellery.  I was getting worried despite of the faith I carry in Baba. One Thursday I was going to take something from the cupboard, but I found my jewellery there. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Swami is great, we keep having question and worries but he takes care of us at all time. He helps his devotees always. Thank you, Baba.

Devotee experience 11

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

I can’t be enough thankful to all the group members of Mahaparayan for keeping my son in all your prayers & few members have personally approached to check on frequently about his recovery. I am touched with the kindness. Sai’s blessings & his mercy, my son recovered from the illness.

My son was having high temp, stopped eating he was surviving on just milk. He fell down on his back, had Fitts & became unconscious for 5-10 mins, his hands & feet were cold that was the moment, I felt really helpless and was praying to Sai to protect my son & was literally crying.

Somehow after sprinkling water & massaging his feet he got back to consciousness. Took him to doctor all the way, I was praying to Sai to protect my son & show his mercy. Posted in the group for prayers. By baba’s grace all the reports came up normal, no head injury. He was on medication for 3 days, I kept Sai’s picture under his pillow, applied vibudhi by praying to Baba. The fever which was constantly high for 2 days started going down. Now he is back to normal & feeling much better. Thank so much for all your prayers. I have come across so many miracles of Sai in my life. My son is a born fighter. I had to go through emergency c-section as he passed meconium & he was in NICU for 1 week. He himself is a Baba’s blessing in my life born on Gurupournami & his birth date is 9 which is auspicious as per Sathcharithra. Om Sai ram baba keep your blessings on everyone….

Devotee experience 12

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

Mummy couldn’t eat or drink much for weeks. She was getting more and more out of character – irritated, confused, tired. It was probably a combination of things going on. Regardless, my dad and I took her to emergency because it wasn’t getting better. I thought she might be dehydrated. First, I don’t know what would have happened if we waited till the next day (Monday).

Long story short, she was dehydrated, and she also had an electrolyte imbalance. So, she had to stay in the hospital until that was sorted. However, midway through the week, she began having trouble breathing. They were giving her a lot of fluid and it wasn’t draining out as fast. It was so hard to breathe, that she thought she was going to die.  She hadn’t slept in two days for fear that she would not wake up. The doctor was telling me all kinds of stuff – how she has this, and she has that and that she may end up being in the hospital for the rest of her life!!

Her room was full of doctors and specialists trying to help ease her breath. I asked him to drain her abdomen (which had distended 2X its size). The doctor said it wouldn’t make much difference. He showed me x-rays of the water and said it was the size of a cheeseburger. When they drained it, it ended up being 2 L of water!!! And so, Baba was watching out for her…

Her electrolytes are better. Her breathing is normal now. We are home now. She’s eating and drinking more. She is weak, but she will get stronger, step by step, with Baba’s grace

Devotee experience 13

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

Baba has been kind and ever so loving. Joining Mahaparayan and specifically the support we receive from our co-ordinator Ravi ji has been a blessing in disguise. Am very thankful to the prayers that are done through Sai 9 healing and Mahaparayan group. Few weeks ago, the day doctor said there is an extra bone grown in my heel, it caused a lot of anxiety within me. However, by baba blessings today we met one more Ortho doctor, he said nothing happened to my heel and it is only inflammation which can be cured in one month they said. Thank you baba and Ravi ji.🙏🏻

Devotee experience 14

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

It’s been more than 2 weeks and I was not feeling well. Fearing this deadly virus was the reason, I was worried. I have taken vibudhi with water and the next day I was feeling fine.

One week passed well and I started again having body ache with mild fever and again not feeling good and was very tensed. I was literally crying that; I am not well what will happen and so many negative thoughts were coming. While going for sleep took vibudhi with water and gradually started feeling better and by baba’s grace. I am fine now and feeling all well.

We all know Baba does miracles, now my little one is having on and off cold and whenever he doesn’t feel good, I just put Udi on his forehead and after that he feels better. I have strong believe on Baba and I know he will always be there with his devotee’s. We should always remember Baba’s word ‘Shraddha and Saburi’. Om Sai ram.

Devotee experience 15

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

Yesterday was Baba’s day which is Thursday and I gave my mother hold Baba’s book Shri Sai Satcharitra and gave her vibudhi and Amrit in water to drink. She was still very much not herself. I prayed Baba’s song by Lata and let her watch/listen to it.

Last night, I held Baba’s book with Sai Ram on my heart for a bit. I did it again when I woke up. I prayed that my mother eats and drinks and gets stronger. This morning I gave her Amrit and vibudhi mixed in water. She drank all of it this time. She held Baba’s book as well. While she didn’t eat or drink that much this morning, as the day progressed, she ate more and became more like her usual self. By the end of the day, she was using the washroom, walked around the house 3 times, took out her teeth and cleaned them by herself. She asked for food. She asked for water. Honestly, it felt like a miracle.

(A side note: the chapters that I read this Thursday were about the power of Udhi).

Devotee experience 16

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

My niece was unfortunate to get the symptoms of coronavirus two weeks ago. I started taking part in Sai prayers and believed in Baba. When I learnt from my sister that, she had high temp and headache and paramedic visit, I was feeling very anxious.

Fortunately, she was not tested positive, but she was very weak, tired and her temperature did not go down. My sister did lamp to Baba and applied vibudhi for her forehead. In the meantime, I also did Baba’s lamp and read the chapters allocated for volunteer in the Mahaparayan group and Hanuman Chalisa. After Arti and on the completion of our prayers to baba and doorbell rang. My sister messaged me thanking for all the prayers and my niece was feeling better. We now wish all the prayers are heard and that my sister, our mum and family all appreciate the prayers.

Jai Shri Sai Ram. God is great. I see a smile back on my niece face. Thankyou Baba

Devotee experience 17

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

Baba is in all our homes and at all times guarding us lovingly. I felt that should share my experience of his grace today morning.

As I was cleaning the bins which were dirty with hot water from kettle. My mum called me and being absent minded, I dropped the bin and the hot water ran all over my hand. It was terrible pain which was unbearable.

I felt like crying a lot going into my room. Somewhere I felt may be Baba wanted me to rest that is why this happened. I took a glass of vibudhi water and went to nap.

I run out of words when I write this as Baba came into my dream and was touching my hand where it was burnt and heard his loving voice saying to me that there won’t be much pain as he is there to take care of me.

When I woke up, amazing and my eyes were teary as one might believe it or not, not only did the pain get better, the bubbles are not. There as well. What can I say other than the words

“Baba is great”

Ravinder Bhamber